Miller QuickPick™ Premium Rescue Kits

Best choice for users whose job does not normally include rescue. Includes a Backup braking system that acts as a secondary fall protection device. Highly efficient hauling system with a 5:1 lifting ratio, making heavier loads easier to lift. Complies with OSHA and ANSI including the stringent ASNI Z359.4 Safety Requirements for Assisted Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems. Rated for up to a 400 lb. user. Kit includes backup braking system, pulleys, rope, rescue pole with clip, pigtail rope control handle, carabiners, and cross-arm anchorage connector, Miller WristBandit™ tool lanyard, it bag and pole bag.


Miller QuickPick™ Premium Rescue Kit - 25'

25', ea
Manufacturers Item #QP25FT

Miller QuickPick™ Premium Rescue Kit - 50'

50', ea
Manufacturers Item #QP50FT